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Geographical Optimization services that produce the results you expect


Geoconsulting services

Knowing mall's current status. Keeping increasing sales.

Explore mall customer database with top data from the best providers and Geoconcept's advanced solution. You will get:
  • Demographics around mall
  • In depth analysis of surrounding residential population, working population and their demographic profile
  • Evaluate if current customer and target group matches


Analyzing competition. Mining future optimization directions

Do you wonder how your mall is comparing to its competitors? What are the advantages and disadvantages. Geoconcept provides reliable analysis to let you know the current market status. Get a more comprehensive understanding of your mall and the competitors.

  • Comprehensive assessment of passenger flow scale, time differences, extension and passenger capacity
  • Tracing customer diversion
  • Comparing differences between different customer groups
  • Exploring the penetration rate of the mall to the overall, residential and working population
  • Summarizing & promoting key customer groups, opportunity areas, etc.





Find the best sites to sell your products!

Ever wondered if you could understand at a glimpse the size and distribution of the market across cities? Benchmark your brand and your competitors’ penetration nationwide? If your expansion strategy sometimes feels more like throwing darts in the dark, it certainly doesn't have to. At Geoconcept we are committed to providing reliable and cost-efficient strategies to find the best sites to sell your products.

Combining demographic characteristics, current store location and sales, exposes competitor store store location and demographic characteristics, comparing store coverage and market share, quickly scans the most suitable places for new stores and analyze which stores to close.

Evaluate a 3km radius trade zone or 500m*500m grids that cover the whole city to get demographic characteristics including but not limited to: residential/business/tourism population and traffic flow (workday/weekend by hour), migrant population and origin, phone brands, age, gender, APP used, spending power, marriage/fertility status, car ownership, top 10 APP used for different categories, top 10 spending location, etc.  


We help build a foundation for success


We will always share the data and the step by step methodology that was built for you, ensuring constant feedback throughout the project.

Fast ROI

We focus on technology and a systematic approach to cut down on time and costs to ensure that anyone can have access to world-class studies, regardless of revenues.


Our goal is to set you up to continue to build upon what was created, giving you the data, tools, and methodology to go beyond on your own.

Strategy consulting

Starting something new requires knowledge. We will guide you through it to help you figure out what you need.

Pernod Ricard

Learning a great deal from the project.

“What was the most important to me was the help given to draw specifications on how to drive revenues, innovatively, for our developing channels.”

—— Olivier Marescq, Project Manager

Johnson & Johnson

Need the extra horsepower.

“Sometimes the problems companies need solving are really important, but they do not necessarily have the right workforce to focus on them. To prove a concept, we needed temporary but highly skilled consultants, Geoconcept met our expectations and more.

—— Ceci Chen, Director of Marketing Strategy and Operations