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Geographical Optimization services that produce the results you expect


Outside eye on your operations

Often, our clients have a perspective on how to solve the problem they are facing but want to make sure that what they are thinking is correct. So, they turn to us to come in and provide the best advice on how to tackle specific territory and planning challenges.


Need Manpower to revamp my sales & operations territories

Ever wondered if you could ensure that each member of your sales team had the same opportunity for success? If your technicians could have an equal workload while guaranteeing a competitive SLA? Our team of experts helps consider factors such as orders, sales volume, seasonal changes and road networks to push your productivity up by 15% right away.


increase productivity
Require specialized skills to create delivery sectors for depots and trucks.gif

Require specialized skills to create delivery sectors for depots and trucks

Exceptional logistic network planning demands more than a basic planning. Our experts will build delivery and pick-up territories from your data, review and customize them with your feedback and statistical summaries. Let us tell you which trucks to choose for which depots and for which customers. Obtain the ultimate last mile strategy and save up to 10% in transportation costs immediately.


Need for a reliable way to predict the size of my team

Market expansion is awesome, doing it properly and fast is even better. Our experienced consultants spent millions of hours on projects to help forecast how many sales reps, technicians or trucks are required on a given territory. We use cutting-edge tools to crunch the numbers and tell you exactly the profile and location of your ground team to be cost-effective and efficient right from the start.


Market Expansion
Reduce transportation cost

Aim to reduce my transportation costs, and fast!

Are you having a delivery/pick-up or visit routine that needs review occasionally? The best experts are here to provide you with the new rounds for the month!

If you are outsourcing your deliveries and pick-up to third parties, our specialists crafted routing & scheduling models to help you negotiate your contracts and have data to prove your claims. Aim for better data-driven proofs and reduce your costs by up to 30%.


We help build a foundation for success.


Faster adoption

As an experienced partner, we can accelerate your transition to routing & scheduling optimization tools.

Lower Risk

Lower risk

Our consultants know how to set your organization up for success.


A proven roadmap

Our agile approach and methodology are strong from hundreds of successful deployments.


Change management

Transformation requires change. We will guide you through it.

VINCI Energies

Learning from successful deployments.

“In a group like ours, to offer this type of service necessarily implies a level of high performance that brings legitimacy at the time of implementation of the new mapping applications that will enrich our systems and businesses process, that Geoconcept brilliantly provided.”

—— Jean-Christophe Damez Fontaine, Director of Information Systems

Johnson & Johnson

Need the extra horsepower.

“Sometimes the problems companies need solving are really important, but they do not necessarily have the workforce to focus on them. To prove a concept, we needed temporary but highly skilled employees, Geoconcept met our expectations and more.”

—— Ceci Chen, Director of Marketing Strategy and Operations


Territory Creation
From $650 / month

  • Received on a regular basis a list of territories and assigned resources in the format of your choice as often as you choose.

Last-mile planning                  From $40 resource / month

  • Obtain the point by point visit schedule and statistics for your team of representatives, technicians and fleet of trucks for a given period, anytime desired.