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Culligan refreshes the schedules of its technicians with Geoconcept

Improved the productivity by 12%

Reduced travelling time by 10%

Flexibility and ergonomics of the solution


By choosing to implement the Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling of GEOCONCEPT within its project solution Optiservice, Culligan optimizes the management of the schedules of its 230 technicians and improves the quality of its customer service.

The challenge of Culligan "optimizing the planning of its versatile technicians"

Market leader in water treatment for over 75 years, every day Culligan offers water of quality and the solutions adapted to the needs of the individuals, enterprises and communities, through 3 distinct activities: Consumers, Fountains and C & I – Communities and Industrials. Real competitive advantage, Culligan today is the only player in the market to offer a business service to its customers (equipment maintenance) in addition to the manufacture, sale and delivery of its products. But this competitive advantage comes at a price: it complicates the visits and engorges the schedules of the delivery personnel, technicians and installers.

Issue Consumers

  • 130 technicians and 30 installers to manage 80% of recurring operations (maintenance visits 1-2 times a year)
  • 30% of reports after the sending of notice of passage Integration of repairs in the visits
  • Around 2.3 million km covered in 2012

Issue Fountains

  • 70 technicians – delivery personnel – installers
  • 95% of recurring interventions (3 maintenance visits a year per fountain installed) 
  • Maintenance of fountain coupled with the delivery of water
  • High frequency of water delivery in a week with a minimum of bottles per delivery

Culligan seeked an optimized solution for the visits which can integrate all its professional constraints, to allow:

  • To optimize the visits of 230 mobile resources in real time
  • To reduce the kilometers between the visits 
  • To gain visibility into the schedules of minimum 1 month 
  • To abandon the printed diaries and to move to shared electronic format 
  • To harmonize the practices throughout France, on 34 concessions

The adapted response of GEOCONCEPT  "Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling"

Since 2010, Culligan selects the solution Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling for piloting on its concession of Val d’Oise. The first results are conclusive and in 2011, the solution integrates Optiservice, the project of harmonisation and of sharing the best practiced service that Culligan has recently launched at the national level. This major project mainly involves the integration of a tool of segmentation (Chronomap), the deployment of the GEOCONCEPT solution to optimize the schedules and the implementation of a new ERP.

“Optiservice is born from the observation that a major overhaul of our system was necessary to completely optimize the activities of our technicians. It is an ambitious project that involves profound changes at different levels but we managed to find the services according to our needs and quickly convince our team of the efficiency of the dispositive”, explains Stéphane Dabas, DSI of Culligan.

Initiated in September 2012, the deployment of Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling will be completed in November 2013. “Literally, we hope to improve the productivity of our technicians by around 12% and to reduce the travelling time by 10 % between each mission. These productivity gains will allow us to spend more time with the customers and to hence improve the quality of our service”, adds Erica Hoff, National Head of Services at Culligan.



A solution that integrates all the professional requirements of Culligan

Culligan however masters the workload and reduces the kilometers covered for each of its resources. Even the visit is optimized: thanks to the ergonomics of the tool GEOCONCEPT, these are the local assistants who directly manage the electronic schedules of the technicians and the manufacture.

The tool takes into account the availability of the customers (opening hours), professional constraints (leaves of the technicians, residential location, skills, usage charges of the vehicles) and the nature of the interventions (each type of intervention is set in the tool). It hence allows the assistants to offer in real time the best solutions to the customers. In case of schedule changes, the system of color assigned to the visits allows to easily reschedule an intervention and to inform the customer in advance.

All the data is centralized on a server at the headquarters of Culligan which allows better monitoring of delivery notes, better control of performances and a better inventory management of all the concessions. Next step in 2014, with the deployment of the dispositive Optiservice in Belgium!

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