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C Chez Vous -Groupe CASINO- is continuously optimizing its delivery rounds in real time with GEOCONCEPT

Scheduling time reduced by 2 days 

10 to 15% lower mileage

Imporved customer satisfaction

Groupe Casino

C Chez Vous, a subsidiary of the CASINO Group, has selected GEOCONCEPT to optimize home deliveries in France of CDISCOUNT products weighing more than 30 kg.

The mobility challenge for C Chez Vous: optimizing the delivery of more than 500,000 products each year

Founded in 2008, C Chez Vous - a subsidiary of the CASINO Group - is a “last mile” delivery company principally managing the home delivery of CDISCOUNT products weighing more than 30 kg, from its logistics hub in Saint Etienne, its 33 regional agencies and 9 satellites. To sustain C Chez Vous’s strong growth, it quickly became of paramount importance for the company to consider:

  • setting up a centralized and automated appointment booking and home delivery work flow (with electronic delivery notes)
  • real-time and continuous optimization of volume-driven appointment scheduling

With several hundred thousand products to deliver, C Chez Vous must be able to integrate into its information system a tool that takes account of all the required delivery parameters, such as the nature of the product, its size, management of the deliverymen’s capabilities, the nature of the service as well as the client’s whereabouts.


The GEOCONCEPT solution: Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling

Following a call for tenders, C Chez Vous quickly chose to implement GEOCONCEPT’s Opti-Time Global Geoscheduling solution, mainly for its round optimization performance, its overall ergonomics and an appointment booking module integrated with the tool, a rare feature at the time.

Flexible and scalable, the GEOCONCEPT solution enables C Chez Vous to upgrade its delivery system over time, ensuring optimal round scheduling management:

  • April 2010: C Chez Vous incorporates mobility into its system, equipping its delivery staff with PDAs with a 3G connection to the Opti-Time tool. This allows delivery staff to retrieve their roadmap each morning and input their delivery report directly into the terminal, enabling real-time schedule updating in Opti-Time. This system also enables the generation of electronic delivery notes, avoiding data loss and making it easier to reissue a delivery note if so required.
  • Beginning of 2012: GEOCONCEPT upgrades its solution at C Chez Vous with the new version Opti-Time Global Geoscheduling 7.5, requiring servers to be replaced.
  • End of 2012, the website is launched, enabling customers to track their parcels. An order number is entered in the dedicated box and a connection is established with Opti-Time to display the delivery status.
  • Beginning of 2013, delivery vehicle geo-location is added to the system, enabling complete product traceability.
  • June 2013, a new optimizer is installed (Batchoptimizer) to enable batch (overnight) optimization in addition to realtime (daytime) optimization. Several work flows per day can now integrated into the solution, so as to achieve the finest possible granularity of delivery schedule updating.

Optimal C Chez Vous delivery schedule reliability

Installation of the GEOCONCEPT tool means that the C Chez Vous delivery schedules are combined and continuously updated in real-time.

Delivery scheduling is optimal, factoring in all the company’s logistic constraints and customer availability.

After each order placed on the CDISCOUNT website, the customer receives an order confirmation e-mail with a proposed appointment generated by the solution. In the absence of a customer response, the appointment remains in the delivery schedules.

C Chez Vous can also easily and instantaneously display the confirmed and unconfirmed appointments at the same time.

This feature, together with configuration by hourly volumes, considerably enhances the flexibility of the C Chez Vous scheduling system, now enabling the company to offer its delivery staff 100% reliable and logical rounds (with no redundant mileage added, optimal vehicle load factors and better overall visibility).

“Implementation of the GEOCONCEPT scheduling optimization solution is an all-round success story, from an economic, technical and human perspective alike. The numerous developments and configurations from which the tool has benefited mean that we now have a completely optimized round scheduling system”, said Benjamin Brun, support and development business division manager at C Chez Vous.

The next stage in 2014 ,equip the delivery staff with new Android smartphones, so as to enable the field teams to view the rounds, capture customer information (delivery completed/ reschedule if absent, add access information/photo of the address...) thus enabling this new information to be uploaded in real-time to the information system.

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