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BCS optimizes its delivery routes with Geoconcept

Saved € 6,000 per month

Initially using 7 vehicles to 6

"We cannot do without it"


BCS, Neuhauser Group, is a major actor in the industrial bakery market. It sells a wide range of «precooked» products: breads, viennoiserie, pastries and catering products. Its customers encompass the entire agro-food business sector: supermarkets, distributors, hotels, restaurants and local shops. BCS, Neuhauser Group, registers 100 M euros in sales turnover, and employs more than 650 persons throughout its 8 manufacturing sites in France.

BCS distributes part of its products with its own fleet of vehicles; its 27 refrigerated vehicles are distributed between its industrial sites and are responsible for regional distribution.

The needs

It is in this context that BCS decided to use TourSolver solution. Its goal was to improve on the one hand, the efficiency and pertinence of delivery and, on the other hand, the drivers performance. Indeed the objective was to reduce the time for planning routes, until now calculated «by hand», and optimize the distribution activity of drivers to improve productivity.

Why TourSolver?

«The TourSolver tool allows a very thorough configuration of constraints», explains Patrick Baudonnait, Logistics manager of BCS, Neuhauser Group.

«TourSolver manages the scheduling of delivery times, which are important for customers». Other advantages noted by BCS: TourSolver calculates the optimal sequence of destinations to be visited, the rate vehicle’s fill-in ratio and the social constraint related to legislation on driving times and rest times. Finally, the positioning of serviced locations, visualised through the integrated mapping system, is definitely a decision-making help tool for BCS.


The implementation of TourSolver

«The integration of TourSolver took place in very good conditions», affirms Patrick Baudonnait.

«Command of the tool took place very quickly. It came naturally. TourSolver is so user friendly that anyone can use it».

On a practical level, BCS manufacturing sites take orders until early afternoon. The information related to these orders (addresses, quantities, delivery times) are imported into TourSolver, which calculates and issues delivery routes schedules. The exported schedules are then printed and handed out to drivers.

The implementation of the delivery routes was quickly accepted by BCS teams. Patrick Baudonnait comes back to the integration of the new system: «It could have caused a few problems. When you bring in a new tool people are apprehensive because you completely change their habits. With Richard de Jong, sales engineer of Magellan Ingenierie, we fully collaborated to prove to my teams the interest and logic of this system, and they were convinced».

The results 

The use of TourSolver quickly proved itself. Patrick Baudonnait notes the savings made: «Overall, I save roughly € 6,000 per month for all the sites equipped with TourSolver».

He adds: «The system itself is quite powerful. On a given site, where we had initially 7 vehicles, TourSolver optimizes and plans delivery routes using only 6 vehicles. We can now talk of productive kilometres».

Today, Patrick Baudonnait is completely convinced of his purchase: «It is an excellent investment. Today, we cannot do without it. We depend on it, but it is a positive dependency. To make a delivery, you need a truck. But to plan out delivery routes, you need TourSolver».

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