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Allodiagnostic optimises its real estate diagnosticians’ rounds with Geoconcept

Sustaining high growth rate of more than 25%

Appointments in any geographical sector

Reliable and flexible


Allodiagnostic has opted to turn to Geoconcept’s solutions for optimising the movements of its 150 real estate diagnosticians when visiting private individuals and professionals throughout France.

Allodiagnostic’s challenge: to optimise diagnostician movements and online appointment scheduling

With more than 400,000 diagnoses required throughout France each year, Allodiagnostic’s aim was to optimise its field experts’ rounds, reduce their mileage and time on the road. Apart from the anticipated cost savings, the goal was to improve the mobile teams’ working conditions while increasing their productivity, with more assignments handled per day.

As the first online ordering system, Allodiagnostic’s website is a strategic support system for organising the scheduling of the diagnostic personnel. To provide an optimal response to web user expectations, the company also wanted to be able to leverage geo-optimisation to make it easier to book appointments directly online.

As France’s leading real estate diagnostics company, Allodiagnostic boasts an integrated network of 38 agencies and 150 diagnosticians certified in private real-estate transactions and letting and in managing asbestos-related problems in the professional arena.

To sustain its high growth rate of more than 25% in 2015, Allodiagnostic had no choice but to consider adopting a real-time, continuous, appointment scheduling optimisation tool capable of integrating all its business constraints. This solution should enable the company to remain agile, maintain its flexibility and vary its business model.

Geoconcept’s tailored response : Opti-Time

Allodiagnostic turned to Geoconcept to deliver this project and implemented the Opti-Time round scheduling solution. This tool handles the overall management in real time of the appointment calendars and movements of the diagnostic personnel in the various geographical territories, while taking account of their skills. Integrating the Geoconcept solution has significantly reduced mileage.

Once each real estate diagnosis order has been placed via the call center or website, Opti-Time looks for the best possible schedule to minimize the required travel time and distance covered. The solution then enables centralized scheduling of all the field experts in each Allodiagnostic agency. That means the schedulers can arrange diagnostician appointments in any geographical sector in France.

With a website connected directly to the Geoconcept solution, Allodiagnostic quotes its online customers a price that reflects the distance to be traveled for the callout. “An internet user can now order all of his diagnoses online, with a reliable and flexible appointment slot and an attractive price, then receive his diagnostic report within 24 hours of the visit”, said Arnaud Rouillard, Allodiagnostic’s IT Manager.


Improving the diagnostic staff’s daily routine and customer service quality

In addition to the benefits in terms of efficiency in organizing the appointment schedules, diagnostic staff productivity and financial savings, Opti-Time makes the field experts’ day-to-day lives easier. “The solution reduces road risks and improves customer service quality, thereby supporting our GEHSE (Environment, Health and Safety Guide) accreditation awarded in 2015”, Arnaud Rouillard said.

Real estate diagnosticians spend an average of 50% of their working hours on the road. Shorter travel time between each callout location ensures punctual arrival at customers’ premises and improves working conditions.

“Implementing the Geoconcept schedule optimisation solution has been a comprehensive success from an economic, technical and human perspective”, said Edouard Carvallo, Allodiagnostic’s Chief Executive. “Today we have an efficient, coherent and flexible round planning system that takes account of the mobile teams’ work load and their various business constraints. Geoconcept is a genuine partner in meeting our growth challenges, and in maintaining our agility, both administratively and for support and operational functions.”

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