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Air Liquide Medicinal uses Geoconcept to optimize its delivery routes

Reduced planners from 10 to 2

Mileage reduction

Significant cost reduction


Air Liquide, the world leader for gas supplied for industrial and medical use is present on the Spanish market with Air Liquide Medicinal, and has developed a specific offer for gas (oxygen, nitrogen, helium, nitrogen oxide...), equipment and services related with health.

In this scope, main Air Liquide Medicinal contracts concern: hospitals and clinics, medical centers, emergency services, etc.

The need

In order to cope with its growth, Air Liquide Medicinal regularly reorganizes itself, always trying to optimize its costs.

Today, the delivery of oxygen cylinders to hospitals and clinics is performed by means of approximately twenty chartered vehicles.

That is how Air Liquide Medicinal turned to TourSolver with the aim of proposing optimized tours to its carriers so as to lower the number of miles invoiced. With 62,000 miles traveled every month, there is a real potential for savings!


The results

A better service to the customer

«With TourSolver, we are sure that the tours communicated to the carriers will allow delivery time constraints to be better integrated and resources to be better allocated: loading and type of vehicles» , explains Jean-Pierre Pelicier, Logistics Manager of Air Liquide Medicinal.

A shorter planning time

«We do not have any element of comparison in terms of costs since our tours are new. However, the change was clearly felt in our organization. Now, thanks to TourSolver, we can plan our tours more quickly and more efficiently.

Effectively, we have decided to assign only 2 persons to tour planning where 10 persons dedicated a significant part of their time to this activity before.»

The interests of the solution implemented

Simple to operate

«Operating TourSolver was quick and did not pose any real problem because it is easy to integrate into the IT system. No specific training was required.»

A progressive integration

«TourSolver has been integrated into the company little by little. Indeed, we first optimized travels for  a part of our tours before applying TourSolver to our entire activity, in particular with respect to home delivery.»

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