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Eric Lanzi and Marc Bannelier founded Geoconcept with a simple mission: help people leverage geography to become more efficient. Our world-class leaders have the ingredients to deliver on that mission.
Along with our entire Board of Directors, their passion, experience, and dedication make Geoconcept a great place to work on innovative software projects.
Eric Lanzi
Co-founder, President, and CEO

Eric Lanzi is the President and CEO at Geoconcept. He sets the vision and direction for Geoconcept and oversees all company strategy, business activities, and operations. Eric spent three decades building one of the most successful technology platforms in Europe. His leadership helped grow Geoconcept from a start-up into a multimillion-dollar business and establish it as the undisputed market leader in routing optimization. Eric is an engineer, alumni of both École Polytechnique and École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in France.

Eric recently commented on Geoconcept entering the world stage as part of the Gartner Magic Quadrant "Geoconcept has that rare combination of a passionate customer base, leading products, amazingly talented people, dedication to technology innovation, and momentum in the market. All of which led to being recognized internationally among the bests."

Marc Bannelier
Co-founder, CDO

Marc Bannelier is Geoconcept's Chief Development Officer and is responsible for product strategy, design, and engineering. During the past 3 decades, Marc has led the engineering teams, created new products for the company, and personally written pieces of the product code. Marc is the heart of Geoconcept's engineering. Prior to co-founding Geoconcept in 1991, Marc was an engineer and classmate of Eric at both École Polytechnique and École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in France.

Marc was instrumental in launching Geoconcept’s cloud routing & scheduling optimization technologies in 2015 and declared "It has been a long and bumpy road to guarantee the same level of service and next day deployment for our customers in over 200 countries worldwide, but we achieved it incredibility well.” 


Yannick Manuel

Yannick Manuel is Geoconcept's Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for finance, operations, administration, human resources, and IT functions at Geoconcept. Yannick brings over 19 years of experience in finance, operations, strategic planning, and acquisitions. Before joining Geoconcept in 2010, he held finance positions at private companies including Adamence and ActivNetworks. He holds a master's degree in business administration from CNAM.

Yannick was Geoconcept's first fan. "I was amazed by Geoconcept's software performance and have straight away thought that this was the beacon of French innovation. Now that I am at the heart of the company, I can say that anyone would be proud to be part of this adventure.”